Friday, June 3, 2011

Dried out Hair??

During the summer, especially if your always out and about contstantly doing your hair, or in the sun alot, hair becomes weak easily! And coincidentally ever since I have had that incident where my hair was shedding non-stop, it was getting weaker, drier, and HIDEOUS-ER!--
So, from the previous posts, my hair is slowly getting better. Minimal Shedding!!!! I mean MINIMAL!!! It's quite amazing how fast its repairing. I started using Dabur Amla Oil-- from the indian store, in my teens and I would throw it in right after I showered and my hair was still some what damp. It kept it curly on my off days (days I didn't do anything to it) which happened to be like every day but it was for the summertime. Dabur Amla adds great sheen to your hair and loads of nutrients and literally brings it back to health. It has a distinct smell so people who are sensitive can possibly get headaches from it. Im pretty used to it, but Ive noticed the newer bottles dont have a strong smell. Ive been using it for 2-3 days and its working its magic!

Heres how to use it: If you have it already, use an empty hair coloring bottle and empty the contents of the orginal bottle into that, because its easier to get into the scalp, its hardly messy, and easy to use.

(The original bottle has an wide opening so it tends to get messy and leak)
Dabur Amla's consistency is fairly thin, so to make it thicker, you can add Castor Oil, which is super thick and it gives it a proper consistency and takes away the smell!! Try it out!! it works wonderfully! :)