Monday, August 15, 2011

Number 10- Favorite Product Ole Henriksen Night Gel

Talk about Hiatus! I think Ive been gone for too long. Ive been too busy managing work, in the midst of Rahmadan its just hard to do anything :S.. so I left off mentioning my "Top 10 Favorite Skincare Products" and before I go off on a tangent I should mention one of my favorite products Ive been using .. Ole Henriksen Invigorating night gel LOVE THIS PRODUCT! A friend gave me hers (Thanks Naunie) and I definitely replenished it. Its better than a night cream! Anytime I feel like my skin looks dull and needs to be exfoliated, this Night Gel keeps it in tact! It goes on clear and for a 1.7 Oz it lasts a while. I use it every other day depending on how much time I have for a skin cleaning routine. It keeps your skin looking bright and hydrated. The formula is super light weight and easy to sleep with! Its something u can use daily or 2x a week depending on how ur skin handles it. Sephora carries the Ole Henriksen line of products so definitely check it out. You can always ask them to give you a sample to test out. DEFINITELY worth the buy! If you have any additional questions, drop me a message, comment or email :)