Saturday, December 29, 2012

For the girl who's always on the Go

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, since Ive been back from Chicago. 
Mainly for tips on how to pack for traveling.
I'm not a big traveler, and this was not for work, so I thought it would be the perfect entry for how to pack efficiently. Right before leaving, I started having like an anxiety attack (which is quite common when packing for anything) because of the TSA rules. 

This is LITERALLY Me when packing.
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 I looked through many blogs, like fashion blogs, traveling blogs etc, trying to piece together what to bring and not to bring. I even posted on FB what was the best way to go about packing makeup, which was directed to my MUA friends. Though I was not technically working, or planning to.. ( b/c I went to visit family) The girls asked me to bring Makeup/Teach them a few  tips and tricks which ofcourseI was super excited about.  I wanted to pack the right amount of things and not over due it. Have u ever had to pack for a trip, and u start packing stuff that you have never/used or barely have use for but for some reason u think, you may just miraclously use?. This is what being a girl is about. OVER PACKING. Though I consider myself low-maintenance, I too, tend to fall in the fashion woes of over packing. Its quite mental.

I haven't had the best luck at O'hare when checking in my bag (Due to their inclement weather delays and u know, every other issue known to man)  so I did not wanna take the risk..

Unfortunately packing a carry-on seems ridiculously complicated.  It's hard as hell in fact.. I did sift and re-sift through my Train Case trying to piece the right products to take without taking stuff I don't necessarily need. For someone who has a ton of makeup it was not easy. I love when James Cornwell asks to bring a Mini-Kit and I go nuts, but in fact, This is prob the only reason I have learned to pack sufficiently by bringing products that can be used on multitude of skin types, yet enough to carry in a small bag.
So here are some tips for packing and what I found useful: I didn't have to book a hotel so staying with girls who are fairly girly, cut down my list enormously: 

Use a Quart Size bag, tho this is the rule, you can pack a gallon size bag (do check with your airport/airline to see if it's okay) BWI did not have any issues so I did pack a gallon size bag, but I did not fill it all the way. Also multiple bags are allowed.
Liquids: I was really conscious about what is considered a liquid? Liquid Foundation is considered liquid, but was cream foundation an issue? and Also what type of creme. I had a few cream palettes, as they were quite expensive so I was really conscious about having something like that removed had it not fit in the bag...
So cream palettes/foundations I kept in a semi transparent beauty bag in my carry-on. No issues there. Did not use a TSA approved bag for that stuff.
I remember all powders should be in a clear container when the TSA rules first came out, I did not see any specification on the website but I did have clearish cased translucent powders but they also remained in my carry-on. I did not have them with my TSA bag stuff.
I had a small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol to keep my brushes sanitized, tinted moisturizer, gel night mask,  contact solution, gel eyeliners, mascara, moisturizer were all in my TSA bag. These items are fairly small and did not take up much room.
* Tip: I took 2x2inch jar, put my moisturizer, SPF and serum all together. This lasted me about 2 weeks. One week there, and I still had some for majority of this week. Separately, I would have had 3 big jars, all less than 3oz, but would have taken a a lot of room. I was hesitant about the size of the jar, it happened to be empty sample jar for something/or travel size, I cleaned and washed it & added all  3 products, it was more than enough to last me. Also tweezers, razor and my lash curler that looks like a tweezer were all in an additional bag. Also a few LipGlosses, .I did have a lipstick palette which went in my carry-on, NOT in the TSA bag.
Organization: The TSA bags all stayed in my book bag. I think I had 2 bags. I know on my way back I did have 2.
This way it wasn't a hassle to take out and put back. Worked out perfectly.
Clothing: I literally over packed, thinking I could take one or 2 outfits extra in case I didn't want to wear certain things, or had to change or of course in my case, my flight got cancelled. This was retarded. I started to repack, when I was barely getting the carry on closed- Then I started packing enough for my trip.This was perfect.
I told myself, I did not 4 different types of black cardigans to take, and packed comfortable yet clothes that could be worn out. When you're in a city where your in or near downtown, like Chicago/New York comfortable and sturdy outfits are important. Cuteness is up there too but something that is versatile goes a long way. Looser fitting clothes helped.
This was super smart. One black cardigan, A warm coat, flat tennis shoes, sweater, ankle boots and leggings were essential in this. Black Cardigan came in extra handy for layer over lighter items and still not bulky for a fitting coat. The flat- coach tennis shoes (not super bulky) worked with skinny jeans and blouse/tunic tops but good for walking and Ankle boot wedges comfortable to walk a bit in without killing my knees and looked cute with my outfits. The leggings were to wear under jeans in case it got too nippy which I did wear for longer outings.
I packed a certain amount of brushes, majority of which were fairly versatile and all of my favs. 12 brushes is more than enough.
I packed 2 mineral powders, since the girls are really fair to olive skin tone, a translucent mineral powder (colorless), a few palettes, which all worked out.
The biggest hassle was my MK purse. It was big enough to carry for my DSLR but pointless. I didn't even use it much.
I packed a few scarves, and a hat I wore through out my trip. I should have packed ear muffles. The crochet hats aren't too warm for ears, since the holes are fairly large. Also I packed like 5 scarves which I did not wear all of them. I wore maybe 2-3 outfit 5 for sure. Waste of space. Multicolored scarves work, they are easier to pair up with solids.
I kept my makeup light and nice and it lasted all day. 
Another thing I did on a past trip, if you're going with a friend or staying with people.. divide up some of the stuff. Toothpaste I didn't have to take and hotels provide it, I meant to bring my curling iron and forgot it at the last minute. The girls had both a straightener/curling iron/blow-dryer. -didn't need those either. In a previous trip, a friend and I divided up our Hair Tools so that we wouldn't have too many things and ask the place your staying. I usually pack a temp toothbrush and stuff that I am gonna run out of so I can just throw it away before leaving. I also use a mineral deodorant which is like straight solid and I can throw that in my carry-on.

Take a 2-1. My old straightener curled hair fairly well, so I didn't need an additional iron for that, and hotels have blow dryers unless you're big on blow-drying, which I am not- I can generally air dry my hair and then straighten it (less heat is best for hair)  it works out. Or pick one look out. It won't kill you to lessen the mount of stuff. Travelling light feels amazing. I could also keep track of what I brought and what I had to pack so I was aware when purchasing extra stuff.
Hope this helps you out... I know sometimes the TSA rules get a bit confusing and are a tad vague. I feel like I was quite successful this trip! Not only did I realize I don't need a 1000 products to use to keep up with skincare but overall I learned to be efficient. I had all my necessities/packed into things that were trendy and fashionable. Win Win Win!
Good Luck!
If I didn't mention something you had a question about, please ask! If I have the answer I will most definitely share!
My next post I am gonna do my best to do an update skincare routine and a lot of makeup/skincare products that I have tried that are amazing!