Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy Hair Maintenance!

How to keep your locks in tact! I've never had major hair issues.. no split ends, nothing.. till recently when my hair became disgustingly frail, thin and hideous. It became so dry and weak all of a sudden.. until I started taking Biotin, but that's not my only secret..

I don't blow dry, straighten or curl my hair (but once or 2x a month- or depends on the occasion) but all my tools are ceramic and ion based and I try to use some sort of serum or hair protectant when I do use anything and 99.9% I don't use hairspray or mousse either.. This way I have less to worry about for a long periods of time..

One of the best solutions is changing up your shampoo and conditioner every other day or so.. I don't have a specific schedule on what I use, what day.. but I use a clean- organic/vegan based shampoo, voluminous, and hydrating shampoo- YES 3 shampoos! I also switch up my conditioners, one for smoothing out hair, and one for volume.. or hydration- Right now I'm between two of them.

My hair keeps from flattening out and looking dull. Using any brand but with those basis, keeps my hair looking fresh daily- and yes, I wash it EVERYDAY! It doesn't really get frizzy and has loads of movement! Try it out!! you'll see a huge difference right away!

Any Q's or comments, leave below! Thanx

Friday, October 7, 2011

Favorite Product 7 Arbonne Acne Advantage

Here's my favorite Acne 3 Step! A few years ago, I was introduced to this line of products because of a crazy break out, dealing with horrendous cystic acne! I mean it was NARSTY! I had tried basically everything but Accutane and other 3 step acne fighting products that had vitamins, would make me break out insanely (claiming that the vitamins would bring the dirt/clogged pores stuff to the surface, so not only causing these volcanic pimples on my face but by the time the cleanser/treatment would bring them down, I started forming craters! Fail on all accounts :S 
I was gonna resort to Proactiv (which when using I would have blotches on my face and swelling for a day or two, and I found out later, I formed an allergic reaction to Benzoyl Peroxide!Proactiv also caused excessive dryness,  but like I had no choice at that point) Until, a family friend told me to try it...I had nothing to lose at that point, but within a few weeks I noticed a huge difference in my skin, the best part was that the Salicylic Acid worked as an exfoliator getting rid of dead cells, helping generate newer skin and in doing so, marks on my face were totally fading. I didnt do to well with the vitamins, so when I replenished the products I just got the 3 step! It costs about the same as proActiv did, but made a huge difference! its totally worth it, great for ur skin long term, and UNLIKE proactiv your acne doesn't form once you stop using it. What I love most about Arbonne products are that they have several lines targeting specific products, and what I starting doing was, depending on what issues I was having, purchasing and mixing products to create the best treatment for me! Try it out!! Soooo worth it!! :D
Visit Http:// for more information!

Favorite Product 8 Neutrogena 8 Hr Rapid Face Lotion!

So I bought this product a while back, I didn't give it much attention, and tossed it aside.. Until recently when my acne was flaring up and causing me stress! I thought I'd give it a try (like had nothing to lose).. and it totally worked! My acne "rapidly" calmed down! Its definitely something great to have on the go at an affordable price! Its Oil-free, contains Salicylic Acid, reduces breakouts and helps prevent new breakouts. The "soothing botanical extracts help reduce redness, swelling and dryness keeping the skin nice and soft!
Try it out! Available at any Drugstore or Grocery Store! Any questions or comments, leave below!
Tootles! xx

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Number 9 Favorite Product

One of my favorite products is also by Ole Hendriksen, its the Truth Serum Collagen Booster
This product is absolutely amazing! Every ingredient in this product does wonders to keep your skin looking great, like sorting out wrinkles and fine lines Eww! Keeping skin looking radiant as possible, and keeping it nourished around the clock. So when I orginially tried this product, it came in a set of 3, inlcuding the night gel, this serum and moisterizer, Ive tried only 2 out of 3 products but its totes worth it!!
You can purchase it straight from the website as well as!
If you have any questions prior to purchasing please feel free to ask! :)