Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Save your hair before its too late!

About a month ago, I had like the biggest crisis of my life, -- My hair started falling out in chunks and I was about to die. Not even lying. Those of you who know me, know my hair is in good condition, its not super thick, but definitely not thin, even with a razor cut, the overall feel is still thick. All of a sudden, it started falling out in chunks and all through out the day. I couldnt seem to figure it out,
I dont think I have vitamin deficiency ESPECIALLY since for about 2 weeks I was eating more veg and drinking so much water that I couldnt even imagine lacking nutrients-- and MCD's was so not in my diet.  My hair went from being uber hydrated, strong, and not frizzy to becoming super brittle, dry as like the desert and would break easily and it was constantly knotted and so frizzy, that no conditioner could break through it,
I was LITERALLY in panic mode.. BUT I had to nip this thing in the bud. So the first thing I did was change my shampoo and conditioner.

My mom normally gets the "bulk shampoo-conditioners" from Sams Club so I decided to the kind for chemically treated hair, since she colors her hair.. I thought why not-- generally these type of shampoos have more nutrients in them + to keep hair really shiny and healthy and hydrated b/c hair dyes dry out hair..
Gardiner Frutis came out with a new conditioner its in like a raspberry red bottle--  and it SUCKS. I mean it was like using White Rain on my hair-- no offense to people who use it, or non-brand from Dollar Store.. it was just awful. Got rid of that thing, and switched to Vatika Shampoo from the Indian Store, its a shampoo thats consisted of Olive Oil, sometimes other oils, depends on what you get, Henna Treatment, and something else-- cant remember right now.. and Sauve's comparison to Avedas Voluminous Shampoo-- a friend of mine with amazing hair told me she only uses Suave and she colors her hair consistently, and another one told me Aveda's shampoos are really good-- so I thought I'd try this..

I went for a hair cut after that, it had been about 11 months, since I got my last cut, and I thought that was the main reason it was falling out, but I was consistent in taking care of my hair-- I straightened it about 2x a month or curled it, I usually have a hair serum/heat protectant for my hair, I don't put any products in my hair and I oil it regularly with Amla Oil, sometimes mixed with Castor, or whatever I can find. 

It was still doing the EXACT same thing! the one thing that was in great shape was literally falling apart, and I started looking bald too :S I wanted to shave it all off. I thought lets just try the vitamins, It had been a month since I stopped cuz I ran out, so..

Anywhos, I had to get my blood work done, thought it maybe Thyroid.. I was hoping atleast, because it would solve soooooooooooo many of my issues-- but FAIL. My blood work was EXTRA normal.. except my good ol cholesterol-- thats obviously my eating habits. But anyway that ruled out so many possible solutions. 

I got back on taking ONE A DAY, really 2 a day Gummie MultiVitamins and then I came across this :
HUDABEAUTY reminded me about a vitamin supplement I used to take a few years ago, just to keep the hair/skin nails in tact, Read Here BIOTIN!  I went and got that too! I went for my follow up  which mentioned Vitamin D deficiency, -- I mean Im not a fan of tans, and B12, and a ton of other blood work I need to get now :( and LASTLY- Olive Oil.. I just put that in my hair 2 nights ago and its amazing right now!

BUT the reason I am writing this today..  b/c to some extent, all of these things have been working

Vatika Shampoo-Keeps my hair Shiny and nourished
Suave's Aveda version- Keeps it Voluminous and untangled
Gummie Vitamins are ALOT easier to take + Biotin is really good for alot of things
Blood work is always good to sort out any issues ur having that u might or might not know of.
Olive Oil- Helps hair re-growth and keeps it shiny and smooth!

BOTTOM LINE! My hair is NOT falling out anymore! and its getting healthy again! I woke up today and thought OMG what a big change! Have to blog it!! So thats my story! Ill keep u posted on my recovery--Im going to switch shampoo + conditioner soon b/c its running out so I will add results to that..

If you have any comments, tips or concerns please contact me!! or comment below! Hope it helps!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick Update

Hi! Sorry been a tad MIA lately. The following weekend after the Race was my friend's wedding! here's a pic of me from the wedding. I was actually waiting till this day so I could show u about 2 weeks worth of Full Recovery on the face with and without makeup but I didn't get a chance to take any, b/c I was running around like a lunatic taking pics of the event, etc. But all in all Twas lovely. Yesterday was the Deepak Perwani Show did the makeup for 6+ models with my friend Sonia.  Will have pics up soon! Hope u all had a lovely weekend! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Race For Hope 2011

Thank You! To those of you who donated. The race was incredibly awesome, and fortunately the weather was just right!  Here's a pic of me getting close to the finish line. And Yes I did make it :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Peroxide-Soda = Clear Skin and Lightener.

Today, I decided to make a little concoction, as if I'm like a chemist or something but little to my surprise, I created something that is a combo of a skin lightener, exfoliator, scrub in one. Apparently The Peroxide works as a lightener, I didn't realize the teeth whitening worked on the face. I googled "Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne" so it lightens as well as brings pimples down b/c it is an antiseptic. So here's what I did. I took about 1/4th Shot cup of Peroxide, diluted it with Water, 3/4th and put enough baking soda till it turned into a paste. After that I took one of those super big Cotton Balls, and dipped it in, applying it to my face in a circular motion. Now this works like one of those scrub pads for the face, and the cool thing about it is, u can apply it as soft or as rough as you want. If you have Sensitive Skin or Dry skin obviously don't go over board, BUT even after washing my face, I still got a good amount of dirt off. I went at it for a second round, dabbing over the areas that had issues, acne, discoloration, etc. for a bit. Keep on till it drys off and you can wash your face. Seems to work really well and its like a 3 in one. Plus its not messy at all.  :)

I use Vitamin E oil usually afterward, and my skin the next morning is super glowy! The consistency is sort of thick but absorbs AMAZINGLY leaving like NO RESIDUE the next morning. "Love the skin you're in". ;)