Monday, May 13, 2013

The Old with the New

Its been an insane past few months! I can't believe I havent had a chance to write! My skin's been doing amazing things these past few weeks, (aside this week) and I'm excited to review the following:

Tretinoin- Also known as Renova!
Paula's Choice BHA Liquid
Baking Soda
Ole Henriksen Night Gel
Laser Hair Removal
Derma Roller
Arbonne Skin Serum and Night Cream
Elf's Tinted Moisturizer

Ive clearly been experimenting in the past few months! But it wasnt till a month ago, I spoke to the Medical Doctor of the SPA Ive been getting Laser Hair Removal in reference to Fraxel, a laser scar removal/stimulating treatment. He basically broke down a lot of important things about the skin and what things to look for in facial products! So I cant wait to share! Bare with me, Im trying to balance school, my regular job and makeup career all at once and its been mental but amazing to say the least! I got to work with a few celebs, and attend the Inagural Ball w/ the Creative Coalition which was an amazing treat! So hopefully in the next few days I can wrap up with school and start blogging a bit more!!

Tootles X