Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1 product that does EVERYTHING

Its always hard to find a product that u can have multiple use for, and if more products were like such, things would be so much easier! well... There is one product that you can totally use for EVERYTHING. Hair, Skin and body...!! So what product am I talking about?!?!?!!?!
Aloe Vera Gel! Yes! Not only can u use it for LITERALLY everything, its super inexpensive!!!

Aloe Vera Gel is usually used to heal scars, great for moisturizing skin, and keeping acne in control. BUT that's not all! It has internal benefits as well for joint pain and reducing inflammation, and keeping the digestive tract regular! 

I usually get the organic one from store, but I came across this one and its working just fine! The greatest thing about it is, I use it on my body, face and my hair!!!! 

It has been keeping my hair feeling AMAZZZZZZZZINGGG, soft and shiny!! 
So I take a little dab, while my hair is still damp and then run a comb or brush through to distibute evenly! It works as an awesome detangler and makes your hair feel weightless!
EVERYONE should have this and use it daily! Best stuff ever!!!!!! 

Aloe Vera Gel can be found at your local grocery store, drug store, and vitamin store!

For Acne this product is great, but u can add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and apply it as a spot treatment, or all over!