Saturday, December 29, 2012

For the girl who's always on the Go

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, since Ive been back from Chicago. 
Mainly for tips on how to pack for traveling.
I'm not a big traveler, and this was not for work, so I thought it would be the perfect entry for how to pack efficiently. Right before leaving, I started having like an anxiety attack (which is quite common when packing for anything) because of the TSA rules. 

This is LITERALLY Me when packing.
<-------- br="">
 I looked through many blogs, like fashion blogs, traveling blogs etc, trying to piece together what to bring and not to bring. I even posted on FB what was the best way to go about packing makeup, which was directed to my MUA friends. Though I was not technically working, or planning to.. ( b/c I went to visit family) The girls asked me to bring Makeup/Teach them a few  tips and tricks which ofcourseI was super excited about.  I wanted to pack the right amount of things and not over due it. Have u ever had to pack for a trip, and u start packing stuff that you have never/used or barely have use for but for some reason u think, you may just miraclously use?. This is what being a girl is about. OVER PACKING. Though I consider myself low-maintenance, I too, tend to fall in the fashion woes of over packing. Its quite mental.

I haven't had the best luck at O'hare when checking in my bag (Due to their inclement weather delays and u know, every other issue known to man)  so I did not wanna take the risk..

Unfortunately packing a carry-on seems ridiculously complicated.  It's hard as hell in fact.. I did sift and re-sift through my Train Case trying to piece the right products to take without taking stuff I don't necessarily need. For someone who has a ton of makeup it was not easy. I love when James Cornwell asks to bring a Mini-Kit and I go nuts, but in fact, This is prob the only reason I have learned to pack sufficiently by bringing products that can be used on multitude of skin types, yet enough to carry in a small bag.
So here are some tips for packing and what I found useful: I didn't have to book a hotel so staying with girls who are fairly girly, cut down my list enormously: 

Use a Quart Size bag, tho this is the rule, you can pack a gallon size bag (do check with your airport/airline to see if it's okay) BWI did not have any issues so I did pack a gallon size bag, but I did not fill it all the way. Also multiple bags are allowed.
Liquids: I was really conscious about what is considered a liquid? Liquid Foundation is considered liquid, but was cream foundation an issue? and Also what type of creme. I had a few cream palettes, as they were quite expensive so I was really conscious about having something like that removed had it not fit in the bag...
So cream palettes/foundations I kept in a semi transparent beauty bag in my carry-on. No issues there. Did not use a TSA approved bag for that stuff.
I remember all powders should be in a clear container when the TSA rules first came out, I did not see any specification on the website but I did have clearish cased translucent powders but they also remained in my carry-on. I did not have them with my TSA bag stuff.
I had a small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol to keep my brushes sanitized, tinted moisturizer, gel night mask,  contact solution, gel eyeliners, mascara, moisturizer were all in my TSA bag. These items are fairly small and did not take up much room.
* Tip: I took 2x2inch jar, put my moisturizer, SPF and serum all together. This lasted me about 2 weeks. One week there, and I still had some for majority of this week. Separately, I would have had 3 big jars, all less than 3oz, but would have taken a a lot of room. I was hesitant about the size of the jar, it happened to be empty sample jar for something/or travel size, I cleaned and washed it & added all  3 products, it was more than enough to last me. Also tweezers, razor and my lash curler that looks like a tweezer were all in an additional bag. Also a few LipGlosses, .I did have a lipstick palette which went in my carry-on, NOT in the TSA bag.
Organization: The TSA bags all stayed in my book bag. I think I had 2 bags. I know on my way back I did have 2.
This way it wasn't a hassle to take out and put back. Worked out perfectly.
Clothing: I literally over packed, thinking I could take one or 2 outfits extra in case I didn't want to wear certain things, or had to change or of course in my case, my flight got cancelled. This was retarded. I started to repack, when I was barely getting the carry on closed- Then I started packing enough for my trip.This was perfect.
I told myself, I did not 4 different types of black cardigans to take, and packed comfortable yet clothes that could be worn out. When you're in a city where your in or near downtown, like Chicago/New York comfortable and sturdy outfits are important. Cuteness is up there too but something that is versatile goes a long way. Looser fitting clothes helped.
This was super smart. One black cardigan, A warm coat, flat tennis shoes, sweater, ankle boots and leggings were essential in this. Black Cardigan came in extra handy for layer over lighter items and still not bulky for a fitting coat. The flat- coach tennis shoes (not super bulky) worked with skinny jeans and blouse/tunic tops but good for walking and Ankle boot wedges comfortable to walk a bit in without killing my knees and looked cute with my outfits. The leggings were to wear under jeans in case it got too nippy which I did wear for longer outings.
I packed a certain amount of brushes, majority of which were fairly versatile and all of my favs. 12 brushes is more than enough.
I packed 2 mineral powders, since the girls are really fair to olive skin tone, a translucent mineral powder (colorless), a few palettes, which all worked out.
The biggest hassle was my MK purse. It was big enough to carry for my DSLR but pointless. I didn't even use it much.
I packed a few scarves, and a hat I wore through out my trip. I should have packed ear muffles. The crochet hats aren't too warm for ears, since the holes are fairly large. Also I packed like 5 scarves which I did not wear all of them. I wore maybe 2-3 outfit 5 for sure. Waste of space. Multicolored scarves work, they are easier to pair up with solids.
I kept my makeup light and nice and it lasted all day. 
Another thing I did on a past trip, if you're going with a friend or staying with people.. divide up some of the stuff. Toothpaste I didn't have to take and hotels provide it, I meant to bring my curling iron and forgot it at the last minute. The girls had both a straightener/curling iron/blow-dryer. -didn't need those either. In a previous trip, a friend and I divided up our Hair Tools so that we wouldn't have too many things and ask the place your staying. I usually pack a temp toothbrush and stuff that I am gonna run out of so I can just throw it away before leaving. I also use a mineral deodorant which is like straight solid and I can throw that in my carry-on.

Take a 2-1. My old straightener curled hair fairly well, so I didn't need an additional iron for that, and hotels have blow dryers unless you're big on blow-drying, which I am not- I can generally air dry my hair and then straighten it (less heat is best for hair)  it works out. Or pick one look out. It won't kill you to lessen the mount of stuff. Travelling light feels amazing. I could also keep track of what I brought and what I had to pack so I was aware when purchasing extra stuff.
Hope this helps you out... I know sometimes the TSA rules get a bit confusing and are a tad vague. I feel like I was quite successful this trip! Not only did I realize I don't need a 1000 products to use to keep up with skincare but overall I learned to be efficient. I had all my necessities/packed into things that were trendy and fashionable. Win Win Win!
Good Luck!
If I didn't mention something you had a question about, please ask! If I have the answer I will most definitely share!
My next post I am gonna do my best to do an update skincare routine and a lot of makeup/skincare products that I have tried that are amazing!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Acne Wash

It's pretty hard to have one product to fight Acne, especially if you have you have Body Acne too. Most people talk about Acne products use 394304923 products just to keep Acne in control. This includes a specific moisturizer, face wash, toner and some sort of spot cream, acne mask, exfoliator etc. etc.
There are so many products out on the market and even the ones that cost $$$$ aren't fit for everyone!
I have used a ton of products myself, and sometimes they work very effectively and sometimes they dont so much.
Here's a product that i've witness perform miracles! My sister's secret:
My sister's not the biggest skincare expert and will spend money on the dumbest things. Sometimes I feel like its a waste of my life to advise her on anything...
Due to meds, and prob her diet she was breaking out like crazy. and I mean CRAZY. She was definitely wearing alot of make-up and not washing her face properly or even taking care of her skin..
She tried diff things, including prescription drugs, and antibiotics- Doxycycline. I've taken this once or twice but it makes me hurl. So yeah pass.
Doxy definitely helped her but this particular wash cleared up her skin almost IMMEDIATELY! I was shocked to see the difference. Almost really jealous! I have some sort of weird allergic reaction to Benzoyl so I can't use, ( trust me Ive tried) but in anycase 10% BP is very effective and this wash is for Face, Chest and Back. She washes her face 2x a day, hardly wears makeup now, and her skin is freaking amazing!!
If you have issues with Acne and don't have issues with BP its probably the best BP product out there! Available at local pharmacies! MSRP: 10.00

She recently bought it for a friend and my niece too..
* If your skin does dry out, use it every night but if not then 2x a day!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Christian Dior Graphic Liner DIY

My friend and I got together for a new look recently- I'm obsessed with the "graphic liner look". Christian Dior came out with Velvet Stick ons that go above the eye, creating different bold "eyeliner" looks. The velvet stickers are definitely awesome, perfectly symmetrical and wont smudge off. The color is super black as well, but they're still limited looks, so we did our own. I did end up using many black eyeliners, but it was definitely a fun and different look to go for! What do u guys think?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great Masks for Great Skin

Sometime's the right product is right under your nose!
A few weeks ago, my skin was breaking out hardcore due to my insanely ridiculous eating habits :(
and I didn't really have any treatment products that could significantly tame my skin….so what did I do??? Look in my kitchen!!
Baking Soda, Lemon, Yogurt.. Oh my!
and something that works wonders.. Basen (chickpea flour) and Almond powder

Acne Prone Skin:
Take 2 spoons or a Teaspoon of flour, Baking soda and 1/2 a spoon of yogurt and mix until blended and pastey, add more or less if the paste is too thick or add more flour if the consistency is too thin..
It should turn into mousse
Apply on face wash when dry…. about 20 mins Do this 2X a week..
-Reduces Acne right away
-Creates an amazing glow (perfect to do the night b4 an event or outing)
-reduces blackheads/whiteheads

Oily Skin:
Use squeezed lemon juice with Basen instead of Baking soda and yogurt. Great to reduce oil!

Dry Skin:
Use Almond flour with Honey or oatmeal and yogurt/milk until pastey. Apply on Skin, wash within 10-15 mins.

Try these great masks! If you continue to use these masks regularly you'll see a significant change in your skin right away!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1 product that does EVERYTHING

Its always hard to find a product that u can have multiple use for, and if more products were like such, things would be so much easier! well... There is one product that you can totally use for EVERYTHING. Hair, Skin and body...!! So what product am I talking about?!?!?!!?!
Aloe Vera Gel! Yes! Not only can u use it for LITERALLY everything, its super inexpensive!!!

Aloe Vera Gel is usually used to heal scars, great for moisturizing skin, and keeping acne in control. BUT that's not all! It has internal benefits as well for joint pain and reducing inflammation, and keeping the digestive tract regular! 

I usually get the organic one from store, but I came across this one and its working just fine! The greatest thing about it is, I use it on my body, face and my hair!!!! 

It has been keeping my hair feeling AMAZZZZZZZZINGGG, soft and shiny!! 
So I take a little dab, while my hair is still damp and then run a comb or brush through to distibute evenly! It works as an awesome detangler and makes your hair feel weightless!
EVERYONE should have this and use it daily! Best stuff ever!!!!!! 

Aloe Vera Gel can be found at your local grocery store, drug store, and vitamin store!

For Acne this product is great, but u can add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and apply it as a spot treatment, or all over!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Restoring Sun damaged Hair!!!

My Favorite product from Birchbox:

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner
This product works wonders with dry hair. Especially when you're out spending hours at the beach or in the sun in general, hair tends to deal with the worst end of it. Hair becomes dry and fraily. This product is the perfect solution for dry dull hair! Here's why:

Why I love it so much? I've been using it for the past few days and it has made my hair amazing!!! Since I only had a sample --and my hair isn't very dry, its more normal if anything.. I mixed it with my regular conditioner and recently, Ive applied it just to my ends (since they end up drying out the most). Its made my hair feel stronger, smoother, extra shiny and it still has body. 

Product Detail: This lush, concentrated daily conditioning balm doesn t just sit on the surface. It actually surrounds dry, brittle hair with nourishing lipids including pure Ojon oil, nature s golden elixir, Brazilian Buriti Oil and Murumuru Butter. Helps seal in vital moisture and create the perfect buffer against daily damage. Instantly detangles. Hair looks healthier, silkier, smoother and shinier. 

Retail Value: 25.00 USD

Can be purchased at and other Beauty online retailers 

**Like many of you, I did sign up for Birchbox, My Glam and GlossyBox. I've cancelled my subscription to 2 of them and awaiting on Glossybox. But I won't get into why I did for this blog entry.


Monday, June 25, 2012


So I, like many people, suffer from Acne- and unfortunately this method, hasn't worked for me but (as I have mentioned previously-those products do solve a lot of problems that come with Acne, i.e. discoloration, scarring, marks, whiteheads, blackheads, flaky skin etc.
I have come across many sources including GOSSMAKEUPARTIST-on as well as ACNE.ORG that would back this up.

First use a:- Mild cleanser, the less chemicals the better. Many people have recommended Cetaphil. I have both the regular one and the sensitive one- One is foamier, while the other one is lotionish- or a milk cleanser- or a soap bar (glycerine based preferred or Olay/Dove) usually work really great.

Use a Benzoyl Peroxide Topical ( this does not work for me because I'm fairly positive I do have an allergic reaction towards BP. I usually get super blotchy and a bit swollen in the face with a small application, therefore I can not use it. Apply all over area instead of just on spots.. generously. This comes in 10% or 25%. I recently found out Walmart carried it in the generic brand and it is not costly AT ALL. (Benzoyl Peroxide kills bacteria that lies deep inside the epidermis that cleansers may not get to, although you will experience dryness, using an emollient moisturizer + sunscreen will help minimize excessive dryness. 

Third- Use Moisturizer as well over sunscreen.

This should bring your acne down DRAMATICALLY.

I told my sister about this a few weeks ago. She had whiteheads/papules all over her face especially from cheek to jaw line. Shes a bit lazier but has done this all week with a few natural masks, in the past 2-3 days and it has gone dramaically! Mind you, this is someone crazy who just went to the Derm, and was recommended ACCUTANE! for the 2nd time. :S

She was gonna start on an Accutane regimen, with antibiotics (oral) and  Retin-A topical= HOTMESS for 2-4 months before even her skin gets to a decent place.

 If you have specific questions for this regimen, or acne products please leave them below!!

** This regimen is super affordable and can make a huge difference on your skin and in your life! 


Friday, June 22, 2012

More Fav Products!

So, I've put this off for a while- and since Ive been excessively buying products, I thought I'd more to my list. I was thinking monthly but my schedule's kinda off now so I'll just add as I go.
So, today someone told me my skin looked "great", and it was kinda in the dark but regardless of the fact that I did wear makeup today, I generally NEVER do. Just b/c I'm always afraid of breaking out bc it happens randomly... as well as I just don't need to wear it.
I prefer just working on my skin and getting it to a place wear makeup is not really needed- like in my early 20s (sad).
Anyway- So here are some things I've been using!

Elizabeth Arden Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Treatment, 1.7 fl. oz.

What it Claims: This intensive retexurizing treatment brings skin the natural protective powers of cabernet grapeseed extract and the exfoliating capabilities of alpha and beta hydroxies - in one simple brushstroke. Lift away dullness, dry flakes and surface signs of stress. Discover new texture and tone as pores look diminished and fine lines seem to fade away. Reveal skin that is visibly firmer, incredibly smooth, clearly glowing.

My take:  Back when I worked for EA, I ordered this to try it. Back then it was amazing and it still is! I Know EA reformulated it and I have not tried the new formula but I am sure some of the EA counter's still carry it. Or you can find it at like a TJMAXX for 1/3 of the cost!
Great exfoliant, especially for sensitive skin. You can use it once a week or 2x. This makes your skin incredibly smooth and soft. It also takes away the dry patches or any flakiness and is super easy to peel off. It dries off in about 15mins and the best way to take it off is from the jaw upwards. I like the brush, for an even application- that is not super thin or too thick but using the fingers works well too. Tho my skin is more on the oily side, this product balances the oils out more than anything. Im totally obsessed with it. Definitely worth the try!

Cost: 12.00-36.00 USD

AT-Home Brazilian Peel

What it claims: An at-home, professional-strength peel with four once-a-week applications. The Brazilian Peel firms skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and helps you maintain a radiant, youthful complexion. Formulated with 30-percent glycolic acid, the nourishing antioxidant açaì, and the innovative Q-Mag Neutralizer, Brazilian Peel is the first professional-strength peel designed to deliver deeper, long-lasting results at home.

My take: I ordered this off ebay, for one application. The actual product comes with 4. Its a tad pricey so I thought I'd try it first. A friend recommended this product and absolutely fell in love with it. She was having issues with Acne. Since Acne happens to be an on-going battle and I tend to get lazy with the amount of work that goes into "keeping skin clean" jk..I wanted to try it as well.
First thing's first, it definitely reduced the marks in my face = success or as some of you may call- "winning"..
Another huge benefit, with just one application was the fact that it made my skin more even-toned. So double winning.
The application, "Clear" which is a newer formula, comes in a syringe like apparatus which has 2 formula's when pushed out together, and mixed the formula becomes "active" which lasts about 10 mins. So for those who don't know, chemical peels with 30% glycolic acid, ususally are used in Spas or medical settings supervised by a professional but this is something that you can do it home.

Asides from a bit of tingling and followed by  tightness of the face for a few days, there is virtually no down time- THAT means now harsh peeling, extreme redness, or swelling. But if that does happen, call the doc! Haven't heard or seen it yet..

**A little secret: So since the formula doesn't activate till you push out, you can use 1/2 of the syringe first and 2nd 1/2 later- so that's 8 applications vs 4-
** And since it only works for about 10 mins, even if you leave it on, you won't burn your skin- unlike some formula's.
 Price: 12 for 1 app, on Ebay but 78.00 USD @ Sephora!

If you want even tone skin, brighter skintone and clearer face definitely worth every penny!!

Hope you like! If you do get to try these or have tried them I would love to hear your experience!
Pls comment below!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Latest Drug Store Obsession

 Attending this year's THE MAKEUP SHOW in NY, I got a little surprise!!! At Johnny Lavoy's Seminar,  we got L'oreal's Fiber Lash Mascara <3 It is SUPER amazing, not just because Johnny was just the biggest sweetie for giving us one, but because it is actually super goodd!!! One of my Favorite Mascaras actually was a fiber mascara made by Shisiedo but I love this one b/c its like an ALL IN ONE!
Why I LOWE this Mascara:
+ Doesn't dry in the bottle
+ The first coat comes on super dark, so eye liner is not necessary
+ Applying more coats doesn't make it chunky or clumpy
+ The fiber's create length while the formula creates mega VOLUME!
+ Doesnt feel stiff when applied
+ Great Price
+ Cute Bottle

In conclusion, the name says it all.. and I definitely won't need fake eyelashes for this baby!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Bold Impression Makes a Lasting Impression..

Bold lipsticks are seen everywhere, from Holly wood to runway. Bold Lips completes an outfit, compliments skintone, and works like an accessory. For my latest work, I used MakeupForever Rouge Intense #36. Its an ELECTRIFYING PINK that lasts all day long  For more Tania and Dru's look,  leave a comment and I will add product deets for my next entry!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Get The Face: "EYE M GLAM" (Kim K inspired) Look!

  Hi All!
This is my first time doing a “Makeup tutorial”. I didn’t get a chance to record it, so I'm doing a Step by Step.  *We named this look “EYE M GLAM”- Since the product-most used (because it’s so versatile) is EYEMGLAM by Mario Dedivanovic aka KimK’s Makeup Artist ! (Whom I just met 2 weeks ago at his Seminar!)
My friend and I had put this off due to our conflicting schedules and finally got a chance to meet so we decided to go for a “Kim K” look. If everyone finds this helpful we will probably do more!

 We had sooooooo much fun doing this look which turned into a mini-makeup lesson! We added Hair and Styling too!  Taans is flawless without makeup, and with… She’s “Eye M Glam”!!

 To Purchase and get more info on this product Click Link Below
Eye M Glam EVERYWHERE!+ Tips I learned from the Seminar!

*** For this look, I did use whatever my friend normally uses on her face such as her moisturizer and foundation***

1. Taans uses Oil Of Olay's Moisturizer for her skin so we used it all
over skin! - Keeps the skin looking smooth and hydrated! Didnt feel greasy
at all!
2. For her Foundation I used Estee Lauder's Double Wear Liquid
Foundation* ( A good rule of thumb is using one that matches your skin
exactly- going a shade lighter if you have even skin is okay, but the best
idea is to match exactly and use a highlighter to bring out a glow to the
* Applying foundation with a damp sponge helps blend and sets foundation
( I used Beauty Blender and Sephora's Beauty Blender)

3.  I set the foundation with a Loose Powder - this all depends on what
feels right for you, and color wise as well- I've used different kinds, the
one I have now is Arbonne's Loose Powder Light to Medium, Cover FX
Setting Powder- this is more Transluscent, so it all depends. Estee-Lauder
has great setting powders!
* Apply with A puff, press it onto the skin and brush off access powder.

1. I used Elizabeth Arden Teak Eyeshadow (any matte eyeshadow in olive
to brown color will do) with Nars 05 Eyebrow Brush
* Starting from outer upper corner of brow bone,  filling in the edges light-handedly.
This gives it a more natural look, and if it’s too light u can always go
back and apply more to darken, if needed. Applying in the direction of hair
growth is the key. Finally, adding towards the edge of the start of
eyebrow- Do not go all the way in and keep towards bottom edge- otherwise
they start looking too DRAG.

2. I applied MAC Concealer all over lid (the kind that comes in a pot)
with Nars08 Concealer Brush all over lid. I set it with loose powder.
Using a blending brush until everything is covered, under the brow to lid,
nice and even.  ( after this, or sometimes over the concealer I use Urban
Decay Primer Potion
Eye Primer or Eye Prep + Prime by MAC or any
concealer really.)

3. Starting with the inner corner of the lid I used a copper eyeshadow, I
mixed a few from random palettes I had, working (patting it in) 3/4 in. So
that means from inner corner 3/4 towards outer corner.
 Blend it in with a fluffy brush.  I used a Flat Shadow Brush I was working between MAC
, and blending with a Tapered Blending Brush by Nars.

4. Taking a Darker chocolate color, (mixed a few), < > shape to outer
corner and blend in to crease in a back and forth motion till its evened
out. Using a Matte taupe shadow- Take a blending brush and go back and
forth above crease from outer crease corner all the way to the bridge of
nose- this creates a little shadow and adds depth to eyes with contour.
Start with a Dense Blending Brush and use a Tapered Blending Brush to blend out, when  blending apply up and outwards rather then out and down.

5. Using Black Eyeliner Estee Lauder Automatic Pencil Duo and line 
the eye. I normally make a line in the middle, and then work the outer
corner in, sketching up to the inner corner- I’m not that great with lining,  applying light handed and creating small lines- (like tracing alphabet
letters in kindergarten helps "---")   with a Flat Liner Brush

6. I took the eyebrow brush I used earlier, blended it out, creating a
wing at the ends, connecting up to almost touching the crease line.
*ALMOST!- it gives u a good ending point, u dont wanna go too far out and
look weird).

7. I used  Milani  Liquid Liner - (my friend swears by it)
Trace over the Eye liner. You can blend a bit more and then add lashes.

8. I used Makeup Forever 157 Eyelashes. These are absolutely AMAZING!
My friend bought them to use,  they were super full with the perfect length! I
applied the glue it came with and mixed it with DUO Lash Glue, let it
sit for 30 seconds and lightly blow  until the glue becomes tacky and
applied- set them in the middle and push down to fit the lash line, middle to inner and outer corners.

** Curl the eyelashes- Taans used Lancome's Lash Curler I returned my Shu
Lash curler b/c Ive used better, one being Shiseido's 1st Lash Curler,  a long
time ago and it was amazing. THE NEW ONE is :S!! :( Its made for flatter
eyes and it pinches on me  so I dont recommend it unless u have flat eyes.
So which ever u like and are comfortable with!

8. Apply *MASCARA* from the root up,  I used MAC Mascara- I cant remember
which one but it accidentally fell into my lap- so to speak- I did pay for
it, but the girl at the counter gave me the wrong one, its not great- I
went to get the Zoom something but yea My second coat was Loreal Lash
Extension Duo
- I got this at the Seminar its not bad-- the other side had
brown bronzy sparkles with a round wand that brings out hazel eyes? so for
this look it went cuz of the eyeshadow pigments.

9. Using EYE M GLAM Highlighter, apply in the inner corner and lining right above

10. I re-lined the lashes with *Milani Eyeliner *for a clean finish.* *

11. I lined the water line with a White Eyeliner, by (E Tude).

12. Add coat to bottom lashes- I started with the Black end of Loreal Mascara

Under Eyes:

12. Using ELF Make Up Wipes,  (*cut in 4ths, its pretty big), wrap
around index fingers, and wipe access shadow- and mascara from underneath
the eye- from inner corner to outer corner and clean edges right at the
outer corner crease that was created, Once you do that- U can use whatever foundation was left and touch up the eye area to clean it up and even skin tone

13.Take ( I like 2 concealers) one to nuetralize the dark circle- which the
color matches more of the actual circle- and one thats lighter to brighten
the skin- I used a palette which had like correctors in mint, yellow and
purple but which ever works for you--
* A cool tip I learned from Goss Makeup Artist
(hes British and amazing!)- If you have bags, where you see the line of the
bag- take a light conealer ON that line and blend in, dont go out of it or
in it just blend it in and it makes the bag go away- 

14. Over that, Apply a Cream Based Concealor  I just used Taan's  MAC and
set it with a loose powder using a sponge. - This gives it that KIM K

15. Using the Darker Eyeshadow, apply it under the eye- outer corner- in.
and blend it out.  Using a brown shadow or liner, line right under water
line, and blend- this gives it a nice smokey affect.

1. Giving the Face a Slimmer look and making the cheekbones stand out
did some contouring, using a Blush Brush, I used ELF-Contour Brush* and
applied - Estee Lauder Soft Matte Bronzer, in the hallows of the cheeks.
(you can find those by sucking in your cheeks) - I recently got this brush and its super great, if you want to create a bolder contour use a blending shadow brush or something denser, and blend it with a fluffier brush so there are NO harsh lines. -

2. I mixed it with MAC Taupe  Powder, *to give a nice bold
contour, applying it at the jawline, and under neck. Using Estee Bronzer,
at the outer area of the forehead, and blending it in the hair lines.

3. Taking a Dome Brush like ELF Dome Brush, go down the sides of the
nose to slim down nose,  and at the tip/under nose. **This gives the
appearance of a shorter slimmer nose


I used Estee lauder over it ( on the cheeks) and added a mix of peachy
coral blushes to the apples of the cheek and blend into bronzer.

Take EYE M GLAM- and a Fluffy Brush- I used Sigma Highlighting Brush- and
applied EYE M GLAM over cheeks, Nose and Cupids Bow! For the PERFECT GLOW!


1. Line the lips, b4 using EYEMGLAM on Cupids Bow, above lip- If you wanna
clean the lip line or lipstick, use a concealer and set with powder so the
lipstick stays in place!- I used a nude color

2. Using Mac Pink Plaid, fill in the lips with a Flat Brush, easy to
blend and stay within the lines. I used EYE M GLAM LIPGLOSS- I think its
still in the making but its like MEGA AMAZING and the perfect shimmery rich
lipgloss like a peachy orange- but its perfect. or mix EYEMGLAM with clear
gloss/ sheer gloss to create the look!

and now ur all done! U can use a finishing Spray over the face to set it in!

Hope these directions helped! If this does, *PLEASE COMMENT* and let me
know! and Ill do more looks! This was the first one, and honestly detailing
product and direction TAKES FOREVER!! I wanna explain it as best I can so
its easy to do! Hope you enjoy and try the look- Take pics and lemme know!

- add them on my Facebook Page!!
  Ammara Rana Makeup Artist

P.S. Hair for this look will be on next post! Stay Tuned...

Before:                                                                            After:


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Perfection has a name, It's Mario Dedivanovic (Pt 2 of Seminar )

        So, continuing from where I left off..Front Row Seat! Mario came out with Adrienne Bailon! The ENTIRE class wanted to know the HIGHLIGHT and CONTOUR which he is sooo famous for! This basically sorted out how Kim K looks the way she does. I cant still believe that I went, it literally felt like a dream. Mario definitely did not hold back, the tips and tricks were unimaginable!. If anyone understands a woman's face, its him. His work is incredible start to finish. Literally the epitome of FLAWLESS. I tried out the look, but just need practice.  I took so many notes, I don't think I've ever hand-written so much in my life, that I lost the first and last sheet, and I almost had a stroke, like LITERALLY. I knew if I just stared at what he was doing I'd forget everything since my memory seems to FAIL at times.

I searched n searched and found the first page, the last page stuff I fairly remembered, so tho I was  :( I managed to re-write and type my notes- 8 pages worth.. The whole experience opened my eyes that my whole process changed on doing makeup. Not only that, but what to look for in products, the multitude ways of using certain products such as EYE M GLAM (Mario's own creation highlighting loose pigment that is used just about EVERYWHERE and for 435985343204 things. As well as --just perfecting the look. With enough practice, I figured I can cut down on certain things and create shortcuts but for now... Im practically studying the notes like I've never done before!

It was an experience I will LITERALLY never forget. I feel like I need to attend like ALL his classes, because his techniques are one of a kind. Adrienne was alot of fun, she described and added tidbits to her makeup, was super down to earth and just an asset to the seminar!
We got to take pics, and talk to him as well. He was so down to earth, and just a big ol' sweetie!
We got gift bags as well, not exactly what I'd hoped for but still a treat nonetheless.
This seminar was just so motivating and will probably change my makeup career as well, by the tips he gave on how he started and progressed so much! It totally made me wanna just get super proactive and educate myself as much as possible and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

EYE M GLAM is sold @ -- a cosmetic company that helped Mario create the perfect highlighting pigment for that Kimmy K glow! Here's the Link
* I bought this a while back, when he first came out with it. Its literally one of my fav products, which I wanted to mention when I start doing my Fav Must -Have Products!

To Mario,
You've truly changed beauty from the inside out, by perfecting imperfections. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, it was dream meeting you! X


Mario D (Kim K's Makeup Artist)
Daneen from SpoiledPretty.Blogspot.Com

Mario's Set Up


Gift Bags
Loads of Makeup!

P.S. my camera was acting super shady and I didnt get alot of pics. Daneen was also at the event, you may know her from, as well as Adrienne, but my pics with everyone came out atrocious so I cant add. Sorry!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mario Dedivanovic's Seminar in NYC! Part 1 (pre-seminar)

New York City is such a dream! Every time I go, I just never wanna come back... this time, I went for Mario Dedivanovic's seminar teaching his stunning and flawless makeup tricks! He is LITERALLY a work of art!  Initially when I signed up for the seminar, not wanting to lose a spot, since I noticed his seminars prior, filled up quickly.. According to the website, there was no seat limit noted, but I dished out the $450 asap! I had no choice! I literally waited a year and a half hoping his seminar was in NYC during the summer, (April-Mayish) but that wasn't the case. Clearly Im always travelling during the winter time :S

Anyway, I kept contemplating whether it was worth going.. we didn't get a portfolio option (The ones in Cali- Sponsored by IAS did have that option, and even with it, was alot cheaper than Alterier of Beauty..
so, that plus a health scare I had, I wasnt exactly thrilled to go.. For Mario I was ofcourse.. but hearing about how he started, -- wasnt exactly what I wanted to pay for, given I can read the "ABOUT ME" section on his blog.. and interviews for free and on my spare time.. 

So, I took the bus in the AM, looking like a hot mess actually. Dressing up for me is practically a night mare.. the aches and pains that come with fitted clothing and uncomfortable fabrics, heels that could kill my feet.. cold weather that I usually hibernate in, was not exactly my dream trip.. 

With that said, some how I did manage to be optimistic yet realistic (I'll go for what it is, and learn what I did want to learn). The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, for January.. It was practically PERFECT. I wore comfortable clothing, but managed to get out of my usual, 3 layered Sweat Attire- Having my BFF there was the best I could ask for, she took my sister (who's never traveled much in the states) for a spin in NYC.. 

I got absolutely NO sleep prior, I tried planning an outfit a week ahead of schedule b/c I was working the entire week. didnt really do much for me but hey, I tried. 

So.. I slept from 1130pm-1230am. spent 1-3 tossing and turning and sorting stuff out.. Finally got up, and started gettting ready, I left MD at 530- to catch the bus, and we left about 630-7 and got to NY by 1030.. ish? 
Landed on 28th Street, and ate a quick bite at DD across FIT, and then strolled to Chelsea. I had planned ahead of time, so I took my time getting there, the weather wasnt bad.. and apparently I was layered enough for a Blizzard.. 

I ended up making it in time early, but a line was already in place.. I was proud of myself, my lack of direction even with a GPS ended up working- Reading Maps- Not on my skills list... 
I saw my friend Sonia, who was already in line.. I was introduced to her friend Ana, who was also a delight. The lady behind was a sweetie who came from chicago, we all chatted about Makeup-Obviously and Mario, it was perfect to pass some time by while waiting.. 

It was about 11:55am  (seminar was suppose to be at 12?!) and we finally, were let in .. 12-15 people at a time.. The line was crazy long by that time.. so clearly this wasnt going to be like a usual seminar! Seeing a familiar face made it better.. 

We got in, seats were already filling up quickly.. I found one near an Isle which I thought was good enough... My friend sat towards the right side, in the middle section, 2nd row.. I figured perhaps because the seat for the "SURPRISE CELEB GUEST", then I landed in the 3rd row.. 
Boy was luck on my side... One seat was left open, in the first row.. my friends offered it to me! OMG! I t was the best thing that could have EVER happened. 

Mario finally came out with .. Adrienne Bailon ( a Cheetah girl) This I already had predicted.. but none the less she made the experience even better, she added tid bits while he did makeup and make the whole process loads of fun! 

Before I continue with the rest, in Part 2, I will say.. Watch Mario's Kim K tutorials on Youtube ( LISTEN CAREFULLY) and His Video from his last Seminar, both combined give u a really good idea on what we learned- I say, listen carefully.. because I thought I lost - the first page from my notes_ I had about 7-8.. I think Im missing the last page now :(

**BUT, while re-playing these videos ( and reading "get the face on his blog/Kim K's blog_ product list esp) I reviewed with my notes, and he teaches so much and I realized loads of it, I wrote down.. - prior to, I just went through and it focused on eye stuff and watched more than listened.) Hey its free! and U get a lot of the same information!!**

Will continue tomm! its 330 am and despo need sleep! :S 

Tootles! X  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Makeup By Mario

Headed to NYC in just a few hours, for . . . Mario Dedivonavic's Seminar, better known as Makeup by Mario, aka Kim Kardashian's makeup artist! The man is truly a GENIUS but the Seminar is different from the ones held before in Cali. I believe its cuz of the sponsor's, I believe IAS held the ones prior, and Altier of Beauty is doing this one, the price differs as well, the one in NY is 3x what the one's in Cali were, and I believe there is no porfolio option. eh. Hope it goes good :D, Deets to follow! X