Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Makeup/Brush Talk

Hi All!
So I'm revamping my site. I want to keep it simple and fresh, maybe change the layout! If you have any ideas or comments let me know
So I'm gonna take a break from my "10 fav Skincare Products" and move on to makeup. I recently bought a macbookpro so I could actually start possibly working on tutorials and things like that but ofcourse I dont have anytime to.. and dont really know where to start!

I recently bought a ton of makeup brushes and probably have a collection of 60 ...Yeah 60 Makeup Brushes!!! I know its Psycho. Ive actually bought them over time and now have a bunch of amazing ones! I thought Id talk about the ones I like most.

My brushes are from:
Crown Royal
Estee Lauder

I think that covers majority of what I have. I cant think of the rest at the moment!
Stay Tuned...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fav Product 6 Clarisonic Mia

I just got the Mia a few weeks ago! I kept reading so many articles recommending a "power wash". So many product brands have come out with an electronic brush to wash your face with. The Mia is a smaller version of the Classic Clarisonic Brush, which is larger in size, and comes with 2 pulse timer thing. This one has one pulse. I love this thing because I can use it anywhere. It comes with a small charger and once you fully charge it, it lasts a while. So after using it a few weeks. Ive seen a huge diff in my skin, its like 33908239x smoother, i'm definitely breaking out less, and I dont have to constantly wash my face as much. It makes extractions come out alot easier. I also bought a the 'Deep Pore Brush" which u can replace on the handle.

You can get any of the 3, a normal one- which it comes with, I felt like for my skin, even though I used it like once or twice, I wasnt getting the result I wanted, so I use the Deep Pore, which contains 2 brushes and u can use em for about either like 1-3 months. Using it, I realized tho my skin tolerates ALOT, normal one def might be the way to go. And it has one for sensitive skin.

I just use my cleanser with it, ... but it comes with a small cleanser as well, and move it around my face. The cool thing about it, it has a self-timer, which is for a minute I believe, so your actually properly washing your face. Normally, I take my cleanser, soap.. at this point anything since I have like no time to do much, scrub my face and wash it off. Literally a 15 sec gig, which is really awful... This, not only does what a normal hand would do like 328892 faster and more efficiently, the timer allows you to make most of the cleanser. I love it cuz I just use it in the shower and it makes my life 203982938219381831298321 EASIER! I USE IT LIKE ONCE A DAY.
A good way to use it, esp in teh shower, because the heat of the water allows pores to open, use it, and then do a mask. I used tomato on my face afterwards, and I've tried Tea-Tree oil as well, incase the skin feels a bit irritated. So far its great! and the color is super pretty!! :D

OK!, so heres what I didnt like about it. It retails for like 120.00+Tax, average. It pulsates, and does NOT spin. Spinning circular action would I think be most beneficial in face cleansing. Circular motion also helps stimulate the skin helping it firm and so much other stuff.  So I would totally recommend it, its a great investment. I know ProActiv has come out with a similiar brush, DDF Also has a skin polisher, I would totally recommend what ever you can afford. It makes life so much easier, and skin soooooooo much cleaner!!