Monday, May 2, 2011

Peroxide-Soda = Clear Skin and Lightener.

Today, I decided to make a little concoction, as if I'm like a chemist or something but little to my surprise, I created something that is a combo of a skin lightener, exfoliator, scrub in one. Apparently The Peroxide works as a lightener, I didn't realize the teeth whitening worked on the face. I googled "Hydrogen Peroxide for Acne" so it lightens as well as brings pimples down b/c it is an antiseptic. So here's what I did. I took about 1/4th Shot cup of Peroxide, diluted it with Water, 3/4th and put enough baking soda till it turned into a paste. After that I took one of those super big Cotton Balls, and dipped it in, applying it to my face in a circular motion. Now this works like one of those scrub pads for the face, and the cool thing about it is, u can apply it as soft or as rough as you want. If you have Sensitive Skin or Dry skin obviously don't go over board, BUT even after washing my face, I still got a good amount of dirt off. I went at it for a second round, dabbing over the areas that had issues, acne, discoloration, etc. for a bit. Keep on till it drys off and you can wash your face. Seems to work really well and its like a 3 in one. Plus its not messy at all.  :)

I use Vitamin E oil usually afterward, and my skin the next morning is super glowy! The consistency is sort of thick but absorbs AMAZINGLY leaving like NO RESIDUE the next morning. "Love the skin you're in". ;)


  1. oh damn.. i hava realll bad acne prob too btu seems to resolve of late wdi L'oReal's transparent rosy whitening day n night creams!!

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