Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Acne Wash

It's pretty hard to have one product to fight Acne, especially if you have you have Body Acne too. Most people talk about Acne products use 394304923 products just to keep Acne in control. This includes a specific moisturizer, face wash, toner and some sort of spot cream, acne mask, exfoliator etc. etc.
There are so many products out on the market and even the ones that cost $$$$ aren't fit for everyone!
I have used a ton of products myself, and sometimes they work very effectively and sometimes they dont so much.
Here's a product that i've witness perform miracles! My sister's secret:
My sister's not the biggest skincare expert and will spend money on the dumbest things. Sometimes I feel like its a waste of my life to advise her on anything...
Due to meds, and prob her diet she was breaking out like crazy. and I mean CRAZY. She was definitely wearing alot of make-up and not washing her face properly or even taking care of her skin..
She tried diff things, including prescription drugs, and antibiotics- Doxycycline. I've taken this once or twice but it makes me hurl. So yeah pass.
Doxy definitely helped her but this particular wash cleared up her skin almost IMMEDIATELY! I was shocked to see the difference. Almost really jealous! I have some sort of weird allergic reaction to Benzoyl so I can't use, ( trust me Ive tried) but in anycase 10% BP is very effective and this wash is for Face, Chest and Back. She washes her face 2x a day, hardly wears makeup now, and her skin is freaking amazing!!
If you have issues with Acne and don't have issues with BP its probably the best BP product out there! Available at local pharmacies! MSRP: 10.00

She recently bought it for a friend and my niece too..
* If your skin does dry out, use it every night but if not then 2x a day!

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