Saturday, April 30, 2011

I spent 1.40 USD for Acne Fighting Product and Teeth Whitener :D

So, as I mentioned on Facebook earlier, I had some great products that help for Acne and Whiter Teeth!
so here's what I got for $1.09 (actually,  I just looked at the receipt.)
Recently, I read a few articles on getting whiter teeth, quick and easy and I found a few products that really help and maintain healthy teeth. The first thing I bought today was Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. I don't think Ive ever seen anything more than 3 but according to this article Perfectly White Teeth says its safe to use 3 to 5% for your mouth. (I don't think as far as OTC is concerned, you cant get more than 3% anyway.)
For Hygiene, I read on a few websites that it is good to rinse your mouth with HP just to kill bacteria overall plus for a few mins longer, 2-10 minutes, it will help whiten teeth. I tried that today it made a huge difference. Overall my teeth looked brighter instantly. Only thing is -- and one thing you can do to test how much you can handle, pour some in the cap and dip you brush in the peroxide and brush your teeth.
Also, for proper teeth care, you should brush your teeth for like 2 minutes, but I don't know if that's possible so by rinsing your mouth with peroxide, its easier to brush for a shorter period.
 if u are using whitening trays, strips or tooth paste, you can get maximum results! Test it out, try it or even dilute it if its too strong and your experiencing gum/tooth sensitivity etc. Remember, I'm not a dentist. ;)

The Peroxide cost 50 cents because there was a sale, 2 for 1. I just bought one and Generic Baking Soda cost 79 cents. 

Okay, so my next product, Baking Soda. I had a bit of a breakout going on so I felt that I needed a good scrub to smooth out my skin and remove dead skin, so of course Baking Soda was exactly what I needed. A lot of Scrubs at Drug Stores and Dept Stores are fairly harsh but Baking Soda is pretty good when it comes to Acne, and what I did was, I had some Rice Water poured in a bottle when my mom was making rice, and I used a small glass, poured some of that water, and you can use regular of course, mixed with baking soda till it becomes a paste and put it on my face.  (As for the shot glass, so my mom goes to a Hollywood, on her way back from a religious conference, and out of all the souvenirs on this earth, she pics up a shot glass LOL! - and for those who are reading and don't get it we don't drink at all and my mom's a fob. Thanks)

Now, again you want to test this out, do it on a small portion of your face, I experienced a bit of tingling. So here's what I did. I spread it all over my face, moistened my fingers with regular water, and spread my fingers  evenly and in a circular motion, massaged into my face for about a minute or so, depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can do it lightly or a bit rough. I went rough because I needed to feel like it was doing something and I just realized the more rigorous you are the more it feels like Microdermabrasion. Kind of like rubbing sand paper on your face. Its pretty cool. Afterward use Aloe Vera Gel and your good to go. My pimple went down drastically and some of my marks. Do it at night because there's a good chance your face will get super red! Good luck, if you need any advice or have concerns/questions hit me up!


  1. BAking soda for face was ur skin ok after that i mean any rashes?

  2. No actually I didnt really get anything, but if try it and feel like tingling or something just take it off with some cold water, it will be fine afterwards :)

  3. Lol shot glass! All the older desi's do that. Thru think its so cute to have a tiny glass lol!!! Funny! But good posting!

    Did you use the rice water that was drained after boiling rice or the water which you soak the rice in? Do you use Aloe Vera after you Take off the soda mix? Or on top of the mix on your face? I'm gonna try it soon! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ok, Thanks! So I used the water b4 boiling when its just sitting there, I heard you can do both. Aloe Vera goes on after washing your face! Thanks for commenting ;)

  5. __ after taking the baking soda OFF. !

  6. hmmm....have to try this! I just read a post about making your own mineral veil using baby powder, corn starch and cocoa powder. This is a good DIY discovery night! :)