Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mario Dedivanovic's Seminar in NYC! Part 1 (pre-seminar)

New York City is such a dream! Every time I go, I just never wanna come back... this time, I went for Mario Dedivanovic's seminar teaching his stunning and flawless makeup tricks! He is LITERALLY a work of art!  Initially when I signed up for the seminar, not wanting to lose a spot, since I noticed his seminars prior, filled up quickly.. According to the website, there was no seat limit noted, but I dished out the $450 asap! I had no choice! I literally waited a year and a half hoping his seminar was in NYC during the summer, (April-Mayish) but that wasn't the case. Clearly Im always travelling during the winter time :S

Anyway, I kept contemplating whether it was worth going.. we didn't get a portfolio option (The ones in Cali- Sponsored by IAS did have that option, and even with it, was alot cheaper than Alterier of Beauty..
so, that plus a health scare I had, I wasnt exactly thrilled to go.. For Mario I was ofcourse.. but hearing about how he started, -- wasnt exactly what I wanted to pay for, given I can read the "ABOUT ME" section on his blog.. and interviews for free and on my spare time.. 

So, I took the bus in the AM, looking like a hot mess actually. Dressing up for me is practically a night mare.. the aches and pains that come with fitted clothing and uncomfortable fabrics, heels that could kill my feet.. cold weather that I usually hibernate in, was not exactly my dream trip.. 

With that said, some how I did manage to be optimistic yet realistic (I'll go for what it is, and learn what I did want to learn). The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, for January.. It was practically PERFECT. I wore comfortable clothing, but managed to get out of my usual, 3 layered Sweat Attire- Having my BFF there was the best I could ask for, she took my sister (who's never traveled much in the states) for a spin in NYC.. 

I got absolutely NO sleep prior, I tried planning an outfit a week ahead of schedule b/c I was working the entire week. didnt really do much for me but hey, I tried. 

So.. I slept from 1130pm-1230am. spent 1-3 tossing and turning and sorting stuff out.. Finally got up, and started gettting ready, I left MD at 530- to catch the bus, and we left about 630-7 and got to NY by 1030.. ish? 
Landed on 28th Street, and ate a quick bite at DD across FIT, and then strolled to Chelsea. I had planned ahead of time, so I took my time getting there, the weather wasnt bad.. and apparently I was layered enough for a Blizzard.. 

I ended up making it in time early, but a line was already in place.. I was proud of myself, my lack of direction even with a GPS ended up working- Reading Maps- Not on my skills list... 
I saw my friend Sonia, who was already in line.. I was introduced to her friend Ana, who was also a delight. The lady behind was a sweetie who came from chicago, we all chatted about Makeup-Obviously and Mario, it was perfect to pass some time by while waiting.. 

It was about 11:55am  (seminar was suppose to be at 12?!) and we finally, were let in .. 12-15 people at a time.. The line was crazy long by that time.. so clearly this wasnt going to be like a usual seminar! Seeing a familiar face made it better.. 

We got in, seats were already filling up quickly.. I found one near an Isle which I thought was good enough... My friend sat towards the right side, in the middle section, 2nd row.. I figured perhaps because the seat for the "SURPRISE CELEB GUEST", then I landed in the 3rd row.. 
Boy was luck on my side... One seat was left open, in the first row.. my friends offered it to me! OMG! I t was the best thing that could have EVER happened. 

Mario finally came out with .. Adrienne Bailon ( a Cheetah girl) This I already had predicted.. but none the less she made the experience even better, she added tid bits while he did makeup and make the whole process loads of fun! 

Before I continue with the rest, in Part 2, I will say.. Watch Mario's Kim K tutorials on Youtube ( LISTEN CAREFULLY) and His Video from his last Seminar, both combined give u a really good idea on what we learned- I say, listen carefully.. because I thought I lost - the first page from my notes_ I had about 7-8.. I think Im missing the last page now :(

**BUT, while re-playing these videos ( and reading "get the face on his blog/Kim K's blog_ product list esp) I reviewed with my notes, and he teaches so much and I realized loads of it, I wrote down.. - prior to, I just went through and it focused on eye stuff and watched more than listened.) Hey its free! and U get a lot of the same information!!**

Will continue tomm! its 330 am and despo need sleep! :S 

Tootles! X  

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