Sunday, January 15, 2012

Perfection has a name, It's Mario Dedivanovic (Pt 2 of Seminar )

        So, continuing from where I left off..Front Row Seat! Mario came out with Adrienne Bailon! The ENTIRE class wanted to know the HIGHLIGHT and CONTOUR which he is sooo famous for! This basically sorted out how Kim K looks the way she does. I cant still believe that I went, it literally felt like a dream. Mario definitely did not hold back, the tips and tricks were unimaginable!. If anyone understands a woman's face, its him. His work is incredible start to finish. Literally the epitome of FLAWLESS. I tried out the look, but just need practice.  I took so many notes, I don't think I've ever hand-written so much in my life, that I lost the first and last sheet, and I almost had a stroke, like LITERALLY. I knew if I just stared at what he was doing I'd forget everything since my memory seems to FAIL at times.

I searched n searched and found the first page, the last page stuff I fairly remembered, so tho I was  :( I managed to re-write and type my notes- 8 pages worth.. The whole experience opened my eyes that my whole process changed on doing makeup. Not only that, but what to look for in products, the multitude ways of using certain products such as EYE M GLAM (Mario's own creation highlighting loose pigment that is used just about EVERYWHERE and for 435985343204 things. As well as --just perfecting the look. With enough practice, I figured I can cut down on certain things and create shortcuts but for now... Im practically studying the notes like I've never done before!

It was an experience I will LITERALLY never forget. I feel like I need to attend like ALL his classes, because his techniques are one of a kind. Adrienne was alot of fun, she described and added tidbits to her makeup, was super down to earth and just an asset to the seminar!
We got to take pics, and talk to him as well. He was so down to earth, and just a big ol' sweetie!
We got gift bags as well, not exactly what I'd hoped for but still a treat nonetheless.
This seminar was just so motivating and will probably change my makeup career as well, by the tips he gave on how he started and progressed so much! It totally made me wanna just get super proactive and educate myself as much as possible and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

EYE M GLAM is sold @ -- a cosmetic company that helped Mario create the perfect highlighting pigment for that Kimmy K glow! Here's the Link
* I bought this a while back, when he first came out with it. Its literally one of my fav products, which I wanted to mention when I start doing my Fav Must -Have Products!

To Mario,
You've truly changed beauty from the inside out, by perfecting imperfections. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, it was dream meeting you! X


Mario D (Kim K's Makeup Artist)
Daneen from SpoiledPretty.Blogspot.Com

Mario's Set Up


Gift Bags
Loads of Makeup!

P.S. my camera was acting super shady and I didnt get alot of pics. Daneen was also at the event, you may know her from, as well as Adrienne, but my pics with everyone came out atrocious so I cant add. Sorry!

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