Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paul Michel Music Video Shoot Day 1

Today was my first film shoot ever! I did makeup for a music video produced by Patrick Taylor.
I wasn't sure what I signed up for after getting bits and pieces of the details. Everything was stressing me out esp. my latest car situation that I was gonna just give it up. I decided to just go and it ended up being such a crazy yet good experience. Crazy because it was totally out of my realm, in terms of exposure to the environment of the scene for the video, but in many other things.. Basically being thrown into this whole new world of the entertainment industry, dealing with a wardrobe designer, actress, singer, and the other members of the crew for producing the video! I mean in some sense I was kinda exposed to a more low key version of industry.. as oppose to being in NY or CA or even out of country but WOW. It was definitely better than I expected and the night b4 I googled the song- Surround Me by Paul Michel featured on Paul Michel's MYSPACE, and I was like oMG what is this?! I mean I listen to very mellowy-sadish depressing songs but It just seemed so ammature but after it played a countless number of times during the shoot I learned to love it, cant wait till the video comes out and even more I cant wait to see the pics! Will add as soon as they come out! Tomm is another makeup day, too much going on, so I might meet the girl, do her makeup and have someone on the set do her touch ups. Perhaps another shoot, and a fashion show meeting! Holla!

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