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The ever-so lovely Andy T, one of my favorite bloggers Style Scrapbook actually the first blog I came across when I started pro-actively pursuing fashion, needed some tips on recreating a look from her Mango Shoot...
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Its been about 2 years since Ive written here b/c I was busy with School (Fashion School :D) looking for a job and sorting out my finances, but thats another story.. so here goes!
Hope it helps!
Face: After washing your face, use a moisturizer that's best suited for your skin, if your makeup doesn't have SPF, I definitely recommend getting a moisturizer with SPF.
Use a good Face Primer- I use Face Primer by Arbonne International its super amazing. Dot it on the forehead nose and cheeks, and chin and spread it outwards.. covering the entire face...
Depending on what type of foundation/powder you use, dot it again, in the same areas and use a sponge or a brush to spread out evenly getting around the lip area, around the nose, and any other crevice in the face. 

EYES:  My favorite part! - Starting at the eyebrow, using your concealer/ and a concealer brush, work the brush along the eyebrow line (Its like tracing your eyebrow) : Starting from the outer corner, going in...

Once you do that, you can start by blending the concealer downwards to the eyelid.

Afterwards... take a little more of concealer and cover the lids all the way to the lash line, and blend evenly...
If you dont need to fill in your eyebrows, you dont have to but having an olivey/brown matte eyeshadow and a good fine brush will do the trick...

Taking a Tapered Blending Brush  and start blending the crease area, smoothing out anything btwn the upper eyebrow and lid.. Starting outwards and then in..

you can also go over the eyebrow to blend everything out evenly..
* The concealer also works as a shadow primer, to set a good smooth foundation for the eyeshadow to look better and last longer..
If you are a beginner and want to get a real defined look, take some scotch tape to the corner of eyes

using Urban Decay Stray Dog, or a color similiar to it, its a charcoalish Taupe color, cover your lid starting at 2/4 of ur eyelid up to 3/4s leaving the corner free... pile on the eyeshadow to get the intensity you want..
blend the shadow all over lid, so it looks nice and even, blending it to the lash line.. taking your blending brush, you can blend all the way up to your crease area out to in, lift your eyebrow with your finger to identify the crease area.

to make the eyes more define, you can pile more on the corner 4/4s of the eye, where the applicator is in a side V like this 

Inner corner color you can use Shroom by MAC  or anything light and shimmery with a thinner brush to pack it in the corner lid to lash line in a boomerang shape.

Take your eyeliner, a dark black would work really well.. The inner lash line is located parallel to the waterline keep going back and forth till you get the intensity you want, youll start seeing the smokey illusion right away. P.S** this is a good trick to make your lashes appear dark and full. If you've never done this, start in the middle working back and forth from out to in or vise versa..
Afterwards, take the eye, with your finger slightly stretch the eye out, holding from the outer corner towards lash line. Apply liner towards lash line going in, and use a smudger, comes with a bottom of an eyeliner usually or a fine brush and smudge the liner so it gives the lid a smoker appearance. Take a thin brush and add some eyeshadow towards the lash line and blend it outwards.. once everything looks blended and even. Take mascara and add to bottom lash line. Once ur all set, you can remove tape!
Using blending blush, blend out any definitive lines left by the tape.. and your all set.
Take the concealer brush and start adding concealer underneath the eyes covering up to the bridge of the Cheek bones. Just like in the pic. You want to use a color lighter than your skin. Taking my favorite beauty product, BEAUTY BLENDER, you can find in one of the previous blogs, and now Ulta.Com has one too for only 4.99 or 5.99!  Blend it into your skin. Once everything looks even, Take a coral color and blend it in from the apples of your cheeks towards the temples. Blend it out evenly and add some lip gloss to your lips you're all set!!! Enjoy!

Sorry for the short notice and random pics, I had to do this for Andy but if I end up/which I am planning to- attend Makeup By Mario's Seminar in NY this year (Last year I attended NY's Makeup Show-AMAZING) I will post a proper tutorial up!! Thanks <3


  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial!! I will definitely try it! :D


  2. I need to get these items that you mentioned and then try doing it myself to see if i get the same results. I love the way you have described it.

  3. yea definitely T, ill explain more as I go along! Thanks for following and commenting!! :D

  4. Hey i need a video tutorial :)