Monday, June 25, 2012


So I, like many people, suffer from Acne- and unfortunately this method, hasn't worked for me but (as I have mentioned previously-those products do solve a lot of problems that come with Acne, i.e. discoloration, scarring, marks, whiteheads, blackheads, flaky skin etc.
I have come across many sources including GOSSMAKEUPARTIST-on as well as ACNE.ORG that would back this up.

First use a:- Mild cleanser, the less chemicals the better. Many people have recommended Cetaphil. I have both the regular one and the sensitive one- One is foamier, while the other one is lotionish- or a milk cleanser- or a soap bar (glycerine based preferred or Olay/Dove) usually work really great.

Use a Benzoyl Peroxide Topical ( this does not work for me because I'm fairly positive I do have an allergic reaction towards BP. I usually get super blotchy and a bit swollen in the face with a small application, therefore I can not use it. Apply all over area instead of just on spots.. generously. This comes in 10% or 25%. I recently found out Walmart carried it in the generic brand and it is not costly AT ALL. (Benzoyl Peroxide kills bacteria that lies deep inside the epidermis that cleansers may not get to, although you will experience dryness, using an emollient moisturizer + sunscreen will help minimize excessive dryness. 

Third- Use Moisturizer as well over sunscreen.

This should bring your acne down DRAMATICALLY.

I told my sister about this a few weeks ago. She had whiteheads/papules all over her face especially from cheek to jaw line. Shes a bit lazier but has done this all week with a few natural masks, in the past 2-3 days and it has gone dramaically! Mind you, this is someone crazy who just went to the Derm, and was recommended ACCUTANE! for the 2nd time. :S

She was gonna start on an Accutane regimen, with antibiotics (oral) and  Retin-A topical= HOTMESS for 2-4 months before even her skin gets to a decent place.

 If you have specific questions for this regimen, or acne products please leave them below!!

** This regimen is super affordable and can make a huge difference on your skin and in your life! 



  1. I'm going to definitely try this out. You know what I also found very helpful? Changing your pillow case every day before you go to sleep because pillow cases harbor bacteria. An even better method is to put a towel over your pillow case (a soft one so it's not irritating when you sleep) and sleep with that instead. Make sure to use a clean towel every night and you should see a difference with your face. I get lazy sometimes and don't do it, but when I do, it works. My problem is sleeping with makeup which is a big no-no, but with this method you'll have to take your makeup off every night, otherwise it defeats the purpose. Great blog! - Lujain

  2. I do the same thing, I change my pillow case and even detergents, but Acne that is more along the jaw line is usually more hormonal, and this really makes a big difference! Good luck!! Glad u liked the blog ;)