Thursday, June 7, 2012

Latest Drug Store Obsession

 Attending this year's THE MAKEUP SHOW in NY, I got a little surprise!!! At Johnny Lavoy's Seminar,  we got L'oreal's Fiber Lash Mascara <3 It is SUPER amazing, not just because Johnny was just the biggest sweetie for giving us one, but because it is actually super goodd!!! One of my Favorite Mascaras actually was a fiber mascara made by Shisiedo but I love this one b/c its like an ALL IN ONE!
Why I LOWE this Mascara:
+ Doesn't dry in the bottle
+ The first coat comes on super dark, so eye liner is not necessary
+ Applying more coats doesn't make it chunky or clumpy
+ The fiber's create length while the formula creates mega VOLUME!
+ Doesnt feel stiff when applied
+ Great Price
+ Cute Bottle

In conclusion, the name says it all.. and I definitely won't need fake eyelashes for this baby!

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