Monday, April 18, 2011


Majority of my entries have been on SKIN lately. In order to have a smooth canvas for makeup application, smooth healthy skin is vital! And obviously, I am uber conscious of my skin and hardly put makeup on it cuz I get so paranoid I might clog a pore and or break out!!! But lately, with the products I'm using makeup and skin I haven't had that much of an issue, especially because I'm drinking loads of agua, when you have to wear makeup all the time, and have a busy schedule the best thing to do is drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. In one week you will notice a striking difference. Its the best/quickest most convenient skin fix solution ever! and quite affordable, so take advantage of it :D

For my next bit, per title- last summer in August, I thought Id try a cucumber mask on my face rather than just my eyes, my skin felt so refreshed it was amazing! This was the quickest fix to hydrate the skin, I came come, had to get ready to go to an event, It was easy to make, and took a few minutes to keep on the skin.  I got the idea from the concept that cucumbers bring down the bags, cool eye area, bring down any sort of swelling, probably a bit of redness etc. So what I did was, I took a 1/4 of a cucumber, probably less than that..used a Cheese Grater, - mum uses it for carrots for halva- (keepin it real).. grated the cucumber, and threw it on my face LITERALLY.  If your gonna lay down and do this, like I did.. then use a towel b/c it gets real messy.. but it feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOODD!!! - If you Google cucumber masks, you'll find an array of masks with multi-ingredients, if your in a hurry and need a boost of hydration and all the other benefits that are provided from this mask you can do it with a cucumber alone!

Recently, when I was on my hunt for natural skincare masks and remedies I came across this, for cucumber masks- and yes they actually do use em on the face, a tad late on my own idea :/ Cucumbers, have antiseptic ingredients that heal the skin. This mask will help tighten pores, reduce inflammation and control oil and shine. Perfect for the summer time weather! Enjoy!
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