Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You say Tomato, I say Lemon..

Lately, Ive been Googling any natural foods/remedies that are good for skin. Just to get an idea of what foods I should constantly snack on, so in combination with drinking loads of water, which apparently I've mentioned 3-4 times since I've started blogging, ONLY BECAUSE it has made a TREMENDOUS difference in my skin super fast. But I definitely have been snacking on Broccoli, Carrots, sometimes Asparagus(nasty) Cherry Tomatoes- Love, Black berries, Blue Berries and Strawberries, Almonds, Walnuts too. Not all the time or a even in a special routine.

C'mon, Im pretty lazy when it comes to that, mostly because when I think too much about it, I get so anxious about it that I don't even go through with it. Just to calm the anxiety, Ill be at McDs right away chugging soda down + Everything on their menu. So, don't think about it. Just have the stuff and you'll end up eating it out of convenience.

I was looking for a natural exfoliator, because exfoliating is super important aspect in a skincare regimen or routine. Exfoliating allows you to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and bring out new radiant skin. When I was younger I was big on St.Ives Scrub but later on I found out in the long run it can cause you to have more wrinkles + its way too harsh for the skin. Certain acid fruits/veg in this case, I'm not sure what a 'lemon' is considered and I've heard 'tomato' goes both ways, so I'm gonna try a little something by mixing a little bit of lemon juice with tomato pulp and let it sit on my skin for 15-20 mins for about 1 week or 2 and ill tell you how it goes, Im gonna check now to see if I even have any lemons left. I found different articles about it but yesterday I came across Huda's Blog which talked about Tomato for skin.  I know we have tomatoes or if we run out we'll immediately stock up because it goes in everything my mom makes aka Salan. So, anyway yeah. I'm gonna try that out-
WHY those 2 specifically???? A Tomato has a natural healing agent for acne scars and the acids help remove dead cells. Lemon b/c for a few months I was out of proper skincare and I was using odds and ends till I got more + lacking on the Microderm+ invasive peels which caused a little regressing in the ole skin routine which ultimately caused some uneven skin-tone in the chin area as well as discoloration which is why I am using lemon, as a natural bleaching/brightener
Both Items are highly acidic so you have to be careful. Ive tried so much on my skin I'm sure I'll be OK, but who knows. I tend to leave most products on overnight like masks and stuff but well see how this goes, otherwise what I might do is, Tomato overnight and lemon every other day 15 mins or so! Ill tell you all how it goes.

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