Monday, April 18, 2011

OMG! A Break out :/

After 3 weeks with no breakouts, even during the monthly visitor, prior to, and post I finally got a pimple and a few white heads and some red ones looking like they were about to form! I didn't freak out though, my diet has been a bit odd lately, plus Ive had loads of stress with random things, (oh! Ofcourse it has NOTHING to do with any sort of life long decision in case anyone's wondering)  Its more like 2 stolen CC, 2 lost, all found alH. well not the stolen ones, but sorted out needless to say, and a fender bender with a psycho Chinese man who's car wasn't scratched at all but still felt like he had to claim whatever. Rocking a burberry tie, he was still trying to loot me since he didn't speak a word of English. So angry!! ERGHHH)

Anyway back to the skin, Since I try to avoid soda - and or if I do have a glass I still try to incorporate 8 glasses of water to flush out whatever I did drink, my sweet intake has increased to the lack of I don't know what?! I generally don't pig out on sweets, hardly on occasion, maybe here and there but not a lot. Its just one of those days, if anything the sodium intake is out of control. But anywhozulbees I wanted to do a cucumber mask just to give the skin a bit of a boost, but then I noticed all that other jazz.

I'm gonna go in for a facial anyway its been a month since I've had anything done but I got really excited, and took 1/8th of a cucumber (all I could find) mixed it with a little bit of squeezed lemon juice and sprinkled with turmeric. Yes it did look like a Vegg Salan on my face( those of you who don't know what Salan means, its sort of like a curry /curry dish) It gets a tad messy when you grate the cucumber b/c its like shredded soggy cheese but I had a towel on. The pimple instantly went down. After washing my face, a little yellow did come off from the turmeric, not stained though. I took the remaining juice from the concoction and used a cotton ball and squeezed it all over my face. That I will keep on probably the rest of the evening. 

I should have taken a pic but I got too excited I even forgot to wash my face! :/// I used lemon and turmeric to give the skin tone a bit of a boost. I'm pretty fair around the cheek area, my chin has healed a lot since my last crucial break out period, which I reckon was in 2008 + Braces = FAIL. But my forehead area is like a shade of someone Else's skin complexion so I decided to do this to even the tone out a bit and bring the redness down + all the other stuff that was going on!

Trial and Error Conclusion:
 Any sort of mask on the skin, make sure you wash your face first. It will allow you to reap the maximum benefits from your skin treatment. Try each product on separately. Each has its own benefits and see what your skin can handle first before mixing and adding all over face. Lemon is high in acidity so it will react differently to different skin types. I feel my skin can handle anything now. Even when I get my facials + chemical peels, I do look like the girl from the exorcist 2 days post treatment, and turns into Freddie Kruger but my skin heals in no time. Good products = Full and Fast Recovery! Keep that in mind.

Using good products for the skin allow it to stay in good condition but that goes for your make up too. Why spend $$$ on Facials or Skin Products and use makeup that wont help in the treatment of skin or has to make you cover everything up including damage from the makeup?! Not worth it.

I didn't have a single scar/pimple discoloration/ or ANYTHING till I was about 23. Down hill from there. But irrespective of that, I still manage to do what I can so that my skin treatments + makeup + and skincare work together so that my skin doesn't have to ! :)

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