Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Obsessed with H2O

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For the past week or so, Ive been guzzling about 4 water bottles a day. 64 oz. (8 glasses, as they say). A friend of mine told me you're suppose to drink 1/2 of your body weight (Now everyone knows how much I weigh :S)Which coincidentally I have. Another friend, a while back told me that you don't have to drink 8 glasses because IF YOU EAT HEALTHY (Fruits, Veg) are made up of water so it compensates for drinking a whole glass or somewhere in the amount of water you're suppose to drink a day. Anyway Ive been munching on vegg and fruits more than ever, not sure why either but I guess its helping. Even on the monthly visitor I have not broken out. So whats my Skincare Regimen?

Right now, with MicroDerm Treatments I have to use products for Post-Treatment
But Asides from that I generally put on Salicylic Gel most nights to prevent whiteheads and Acne if I get lazy on properly washing my face. I got Aloe Vera Gel from Vitamin Store, I put that on afterward, and lately, most nights I look like the Swamp Thing b/c I have Arbonne Sea Mud Mask that I've been wearing to bed. It's suppose to squeeze out all impurities by sucking out everything from the pores, bringing to to surface and eventually going away, Now I dont break out at all, I am not sure if its because Ive had it for a while (but I still feel the tingling, so it has to be working) or b/c my skins getting better. Along with Vegg I always have strawberries, blueberries and my fav, BLACKBERRIES! But so far not bad.

Important vitamins to look for in Foods in general,  Omega3, Essential Vitamins A C E B K  and Zinc for healing. I found a really good article and I cant seem to locate it now but once I do, Ill put it up, on what fruits and veg contribute to healthy skin. One thing to mention is SPF Saves you from a load of issues, SO WEAR IT!
Any Skin/Beauty Questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them!

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  1. I drink so much water as well! I really like your blog posts. I need skin treatment ideas and this is the perfect place to start. Thanks. Ruby Woo of Ruby's View! xxox