Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MicroDerm + Chemical Peel Facial (Viewer's Discretion Advised)

Its been so long since I've gotten one of Rosie's Micro Derm Treatments @ Nova Surgicare
The Facial includes a cleansing of the skin, Micro Derm and a series of peels. Sometimes there are extractions and Auricular Therapy for pain management + skin treatments (acupuncture through the ear). It takes about 3 hours but this one was quite quick. I am glad I have the proper skincare. Right now I look kinda "Scary Carrie" as I like to call it, and in the next few days my skin will tighten and eventually start peeling. The chemical peel was quite strong so will see how hideous I look based on people's shocked/disgusted facial expressions  LOL. 

I can tell you that the series of these treatments have improved my skin tremendously. My skin overall started showing vast improvement when I started using ARBONNE PRODUCTS in 2009. I started with the Acne Line, I used for about 3-4 Months. Overall improvement in even skin tone, discoloration and marks. You should have seen what a nightmare it was in 2008. I switched to different products, including a Pore Cleansing Mask I used through out the year - which has been discontinued but it was LITERALLY my FAV product.

I decided to participate in an Acne Study and had to discontinue any Acne fighting Products with specific ingredients like Salysilic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur, just to name a few. During that time period I altered eating habits to a Vegan Diet. Felt like death but I think it helped overall. Towards the end of the year, I used basic face wash, I believe Sheisido's Cream Foam Cleanser, not sure Its the beige bottle comes out creamy soapy, and altering the Pore Cleanser, and The Sea Mud Mask (Which I still use almost reqularly, every other day if not every day) Both Arbonne Products. Now the Makeup I use is Arbonne's Mineral Powder Foundation and Cream Conclear- whcih is my absolute fav and gives me that Kimmy K Concealor look.

In 2010, I broke out after a few weeks pretty bad, that's when I started the treatments, I would have them done every 2-3 weeks, and I believe I had 6 done between March and September. My skin looked amazing.
Now I use products from Visual Changes to keep the skin fresh and controlled from any break outs. The Skincare works perfectly with derm treatments because it works with really sensative skin during skin cell turn over and helps get read of dead skin without using irritating facial scrubs.

Right now however, because the skin is still in the process of healing and peeling I will go wash my face with an Enzyme Cleanser, and Take Aloe Vera Gel to let the fresh skin fully heal, revealing AMAZING skin in about 1-2 weeks, until then Im going into hiding :S J/K.

Tomorrow's Post I will cover a few things you can do to maintain good skin and 3 important key words to google, that will help you find remedies /products effectively! :)

"Day 1 Post Treatment Scary Carrie"

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