Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post Recovery Day 5

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

Well its Day 5 of my recovery, I took a picture with my BB, unfortunately the newest Curve doesn't have a built in flash, so much for an upgrade. I did do a Plain Yogurt Mask last night as well. Just to keep things moving along. My BB doesnt do anyone justice, and I always forget my other camera! so this will do. dont let it throw you off. Skin is getting better, If my eyebrows were done I'd look like a new person! heres the pic : 
  Keeping this picture small. I don't wanna scare anyone with the hideousness that is going but as u can see, there's a vast improvement. Just gimme a few more days! Also, I am not wearing any cover up, I wouldn't be caught dead with wearing anything.  Looking forward to sampling new products. I might be going from Mineral Powder foundation to Tinted Moisturizer and of course the Highlighter vs a Bronzer. Now those things are on complete opposites of the spectrum, so I am hoping that the Bronzer, though shown otherwise, is not at all in the same pigment as my Bronzer.
On another note, recently my hair has been falling out in chunks, (I know its totally like freaking me out) so first thing was the ol thyroid, seems like its an issue in the ol genetics, (not even sure if its a genetic disposition but my mom n sis are havin issues so could be)  so I might need to get that checked out and or I'm lacking protein, I mean how can that be? I'm a chicken lover.. but who knows. So I got a hair cut, and it was not going great till the end result until the guy took a thick portion of my bangs, and just chopped it. HORRENDOUS. Time to grow it out for another year :( and yeah still falling out. I thought it was my conditioner at first, but it doesn't seem the case. It feels super light weight and thin.  :S any suggestions!?!?

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