Thursday, April 21, 2011

A quick Wurd

It is 3 am I and I just realized I was suppose to write a blog on most effective ways to use Google for Skincare. I don't have time to do it now because I have to get up in the am and take some family friends to the airport. Sorta excited but not so much cuz I'm KNACKERED all the time. - That means super exhausted, aka my life story. Love airports, the energy and excitement of going somewhere...but NOT going anywhere, not too much.
Anyway perhaps at some point tomm I will do the entry! Ive noticed the number of views going up daily! :) Thanks for taking your time out to read this, and as I have been emphasizing I would love anyone and everyone's opinions on what I should talk about, Opinions on making this better? What you like don't like whatever u wanna say, GO FOR IT!
Oh, Stay tuned for Glowing Skin's best kept SECRET. Actually not a secret really anymore but I am dying to check this product out.. A bit skeptical from the videos Ive seen but who knows! Might just be amazing!! But Im gonna compare this $40.00 product to one I bought in about 2007 for $4.00.. Now ill add a little hint, comparing a highlighter to a bronzer and from the videos the pigment looks identical but you can be the judge of that ! Keeping my fingers crossed so I dont have to return it !


  1. Can not wait to see it. I want to see some videos of how to do here. I want to give you the colors of eye shadows and watch you do the eye makeup. Combination of Navy blue and Lilac, then eggplant purple with green. How about that???

  2. Thanks for commenting T. This cant be that hard can it??? Yeah I will put some up as soon my face heals. Im gonna be reviewing a few products that I am looking to purchase so pretty excited about that!