Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mini Update

so Ive been on a hiatus, not really. Actually uber busy camera searching and my friends wedding stuff. its been about 2 weeks since Ive gotten my facial and instead of following up and helping my skin heal,  due to the Easter weekend, I decided to take a break from what is good and  healthy  and went on a FAT FOOD binge. Any Fast food u can name I was eating, + chugging soda. Talk about Relapse. I think this heat wave we just had got the best of me. so yeah I'm sorta breaking out as well. Right in time for her wedding, yay!. NOT. Instead of adding daily pics, figured Ill have something up from her wedding- U know looking a tad decent hopefully. On another note, to make both blogs more efficient I'm investing in a DSLR. :D Im looking at the Canon 20D 30D and T1i. Those fit my so-called budget. I mean well see how that turns out. So hopefully by next week ill have some good pics. I figured some events are coming up that I need a nice camera for so I might as well just get one esp since I really need it for makeup/photo shoot stuff. Or I could be rushing. eh. Anyway will have updates soon! Tune in ;)

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